From filing to settlement resolution, I am able to provide you with professional services to assist you through one of life's most difficult times. Retainer fees vary. Please contact my office for more information regarding pricing.



Life changes and I can make sure that the terms of your last court order stay fresh with your circumstances. These changes may include: changes in custody, child support, emancipation, college expenses or visitation.



Wills &

Power of Attorneys

We cannot predict the future so it is best to be prepared for the inevitable. Will preparation allows families to grieve instead of bickering while a power of attorney takes the guess work out of decision making when you might not be able handle it.




Many families are brought together out of circumstance and I can assist you in making sure that legally their is no possibility of division. I assist from opening your case to finalizing the birth certificate.



Children always need someone to provide stability and many times this comes from a family member or friend. Assisting people with the proper paperwork to allow children to receive proper education and medical is essential.



Providing debt relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code allows clients to shake off unfortunate situations and move on with life to focus on family, education, and the things in life that mean the most.



Certified through the State of Indiana, serving as a mediator allows a third party perspective to a case that can make the difference between expensive litigation and resolution. Mediation is hosted at Kramer Law Offices unless otherwise requested.


Parenting Coordination/

Guardian Ad Litem

Providing a voice to children stuck in legal matters is a great responsibility that is at the core of this business. Assisting parents in making decisions and co-parenting without continual court intervention is the future for all family law matters within the Court system.